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Genki has been the most funded gaming hardware projects on Kickstarter from 2018-2022 🏆


Happy backers 🤗
  • So happy with my purchase!

    I'm so happy with my Genki purchase. It was worth the wait. I love being able to have it hooked up in my bedroom and have the main dock in the living room. Plus when I travel taking the Covert Dock is a no brainer. 5 stars.

    Megan S.

    I like that you can in fact connect any bluetooth speaker or headphones to theGenkiAudio, I really wanted it like 1-2 years ago. But, from there I didn't know thatGenkieven existed. So that was unfortunate. I love too that you don't even need the dock to charge and connect to your PC or TV with the Genki Covert Dock. I think you deserved "The Noble Price" for making such awesome Nintendo Switch Products, you made all lot of people happy I believe.

    New R.