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ShadowCast 2 Pro

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Capture Beyond Limits

Please note this is a pre-order.  Shipments will be made on January 8, 2024.

Unleash the full potential of your gaming content with ShadowCast 2 Pro, the unrivaled leader in USB video capture. Designed for the gaming consoles of today and tomorrow, ShadowCast Pro empowers you to play, record, and stream high-fidelity content across all platforms. No compromises, only epic gameplay.

Captures video from all HDMI-out source devices including the Nintendo Switch, Sony PlayStation 3/4/5, Xbox Series S/X, MacOS, Windows.  USB 3.0+ computer (Mac, Windows, Linux, iPad, Android) recommended for maximum recording/streaming performance.
  • Video Capture

  • Camera Hack

  • Console Link

  • Multi-use

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Works with your NextGen Consoles

Shadowcast enables you to play on a laptop or any computer, REALLY!

Don't Know What to Choose?
We can show you

Footage is captured in 1440p 60Hz

1440p 144Hz for your Elite Gaming monitor, or show off your skills with Slo-mo replays

Support 1080p 60Hz HDR Capture

Supports 4k60 Passthrough VRR/ HDR

TV Gaming on your Computer

As lifelong console gamers, we know there may be some PC master race gamers who gawk at the idea of playing Mario on their powerful gaming computer. But we say the more games we can play, on even more platforms, the better!

Record and Stream Content

Record, edit, and stream your gameplay. While it may not be at the same level as a professional grade capture card that costs 5-10x more, it’s more than capable for most gameplay capturing needs while being much more flexible and easy to use across
multiple platforms.

Unlock New Possibilities

To maximize compatibility across as many platforms as possible, we’ve disguised
ShadowCast as a webcam so that it can do a few more party tricks. This means it can
actually be selected as a webcam under many typical apps popular today thanks to all
the remote working, including Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, and FaceTime.

Take a closer look 👀

HDMI input

4K/30fps or 1080p/60fps

Nintendo Switch, PS5, Steam Deck
USB C video output

1080p/30fps or 720p/60fps

USB-C, USB-A (2.0+), UVC Video and USB Audio UAC (L-PCM format)

How to use

How to use

Insert ShadowCast into HDMI port of game source device

Connect USB-C 2.0 cable to computer and the ShadowCast

Install and launch supported software on the computer

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  • Powerful Little Device!

    So I started recording gameplay for my YouTube channel and I had problems with a few titles lagging using my capture card. Then I tried the Shadowcast, and WOW! The difference was immediately noticeable! No lag, no hangups, and it even allowed me to record a game I didn't think I would be able to because there were loading issues using the previous card. Not so with the Shadowcast! Love this product, and I'll be purchasing a second in order to have a spare on hand!

    Heather D.
  • Very excited about the ShadowCast, the app needs some adjustments

    Was very easy to install and you can start to play instantly after installing the app for Windows or open it in Chrome. I really like the feature to switch between resolution mode and performance mode. Unfortunately, the app isnt't starting a second time after you played on it for once. It just opens and closes instantly. I rather have to use the Chrome version or reinstall the app to make it work again. This is very exhausting and annoying and would be an aspect to change. Therefor only 4 Stars. Besides this, the ShadowCast is a recommendable capture card for this price category and I'm very happy with it!

    Michelle S.
  • Seamless hardware

    Truly plug and play, software occasionally needs a restart, love love love the browser integration. Reduced the number of screens in my house plus I can pair headphones to the Mac to play whilst in a chat too!

    Ed B.