Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use the Covert Dock as just a Nintendo Switch charger and play in handheld mode?

Yes, the Covert Dock acts like a normal fast charger when it doesn’t detect a TV connected to the HDMI port. So you can continue to play in handheld mode charged.

Does this support the Gamecube controller hub for Smash Bros?

Yes, it works with the Gamecube controller hub, however you can only use one of the two USB plugs hat is built-in which sacrifices the rumble feature. We went to several Smash tournaments and we found that competitive players generally turned off the rumble feature but if desired can be used with a USB hub.

Will this work in my country?

We designed the Covert Dock to be international, first and foremost with global certs and 100-240V supporting 50Hz and 60Hz. Our global ops kit is the best solution supporting 150+ countries and more compact than the mechanism found in popular Apple chargers.

Will this work with ethernet adapters?

Yes, it works with Switch compatible ethernet adapters.

Can I use this with a capture card for streaming?

Yes, it would work just like the normal dock. Simply plug in the HDMI from the Covert Dock to your capture card and use it as you normally would.

Will this work with the Switch Lite?

It works as an even more portable charger fast charger that also connects an additional USB accessory. Since the Switch Lite does not have displayport capabilities the Covert Dock cannot stream gameplay to a TV.

Can I use any USB-C cable for the Switch?

Please use the included USB-C 3.1 cable. If you are using another cable, make sure that it is rated above 3.1 so that it will passthrough DisplayPort video and is certified so that it works reliably. Seriously, don’t use cheap cables.

Does this work with the official Nintendo adjustable charging stand?

Unfortunately the USB-C port in this accessory is purely for charging and not built for data. This is true for most charging stands as they were never designed to be dockable.

Will Genki Audio affect the battery life of my Nintendo Switch?

Genki Audio only uses 0.02 watts, taking up less than 1% of the Switch’s battery life and in fact uses less power than if you were to use the built-in speakers.

Can this be used when docked?

Yes, this package comes included with a dock adapter that allows you to use Genki Audio with the USB ports found on the Covert Dock or original dock.

Does this work with the Nintendo Switch Lite?

Yes, absolutely!

Can I use Genki Audio on other non-Nintendo Switch devices?

Genki Audio will work with any device that supports USB audio, this includes the PS4, MacBooks, iPad Pros, most PCs and Android devices. The XBox One and Oculus Quest do not currently support USB audio.

Why would I use Genki Audio on other devices?

Genki brings audio sharing across two bluetooth headphones so it can be convenient when watching a movie with someone on a plane for example.  It also brings lower latency for gaming if you have an aptX compatible headphones or speakers.

Does the passthrough charging support PD (power delivery) charging?

The passthrough USB-C port is fully PD compliant and allows you to charge the Switch at its full 18 watt max input as if it were charging directly through the console’s port.

Will this work with Nintendo Switch covers, grips, or cases?

While it will work with some enclosures such as the Satisfye grip, there are many cases that need a slight modification. Mostly it’s due to the bottom of the case being too thick and/or not being cut wide enough. You can simply cut out a wider opening and this actually fits snugger. We used to make extended versions but we found this to be overly complicated and that modifying the case has been a more reliable solution.

Why does my Genki Audio briefly disconnect when I plug it in to charge?

When a power source is detected, Genki Audio immediately swaps its power source from the Switch to the external power and is for that split second unpowered.  Since there is no battery to have to charge, it will disconnect briefly.  

How many headphones can I have paired and how do I disconnect them?

To simplify the process we allow you to pair one headphone to each button meaning you can pair two headphones or speakers simultaneously. Any new pairing on a button will remove the previously paired one.  You can also simply disconnect a headphone by pressing the button its connected to (and press again to reconnect it)

What is the microphone for?

While originally intended for games that support voice chat built-in such as Fortnite and Overwatch, it seems that some games have recently discontinued support to simultaneously broadcast audio to the headphone jack and USB-C audio. It can still be used with the PS4 and just as a microphone in-game (without gameplay sound). However, we did create a hidden mode that allows you to use your Bluetooth headphone’s microphone by simply having your headphone paired to the left channel and holding both buttons for 2-3 seconds till you see the LED lights flicker. The sound will trigger HFP mode which means the audio quality will be like the quality of a phone call but it supports 2-way wireless sound.

Can this work with the built-in Nintendo Switch kickstand?

Unfortunately Genki Audio cannot work with the built-in kickstand. To counter this we created the Genki Portable Stand which is much sturdier and even provides clearance for charging your Switch.  It has been the most recommended portable stand by IGN and folds nice and neat.

Can I connect two aptX-LL headphones simultaneously?

aptX-LL is a great codec for low latency however when connected to two sources simultaneously the signal degradation is quite significant so we opted to remove this ability.

What are the extra slots in my Genki Audio case for?

We built-in four Nintendo Switch game slots and a holder for the Genki Portable Stand so you can have all that you need packed into one convenient case.

Can I control volume through my Bluetooth headphones?

Our earliest crowdfunding version did not support AVRCP so it required you to use the volume control on your device. Our current version fully support AVRCP and allow

Will there be latency with my headphones?

There is always some latency with Bluetooth headphones and generally anything below 100ms is considered imperceptible for human hearing. With that said we support the aptX-LL codec which can provide headphones with under 40ms of latency. For most games and headphones this won’t be an issue, however those playing music rhythm games with a particularly slow headphone can be impacted. We found one of the most reliable sites for latency reviews comes from

How are codecs prioritized with Genki Audio?

Genki Audio is compatible with all standard Bluetooth headphones and simply prioritizes latency first, in order from aptX-LL, aptX, and SBC. Our current version does not support LDAC or AAC codec but will connect through an alternate codec.

How do I reset my Genki Audio?

Just hold both buttons for 8 seconds and after you notice it blink just disconnect and reconnect Genki Audio to reset it to factory settings.

What is GAC?

Doesn’t look like anything to me…