Mini Dock Field Kit

Mini Dock Field Kit

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The Covert Dock Mini Bundle enhances your Nintendo Switch gaming by connecting it to an external display. The bundle includes a Covert Dock Mini, HDMI 2.0 cable, and a kickstand. This compact and portable solution offers big screen and a convenient stand for on-the-go gaming.

1 x Covert Dock Mini
1 x HDMI 2.0 Cable
1 x Portable Kickstand 2

  • Mini

  • 4K Display

  • Reliable

  • Multi-use

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4K Output

to that Fancy TV

Though the current Nintendo Switch is only limited to 1080P, we’ve bumped up the display processing to power 4K output for when you need to connect a Steam Deck, laptop, or iPad and get that high resolution clarity for games, presentations, and movies.

20X Smaller then the Original Dock and Charger

It’s not just incredibly smaller, it also has foldable prongs so that its easy to pack away in any pocket or bag.

Born from the Most Trusted 3rd Party Dock

Our previous Covert Dock has been recognized as the safest, most reliable 3rd party
dock and the Mini version is no different. All safeguards remain in place to ensure your consoles and other systems are free from overcharging or other electrical damage.

The Bigger 30W brother

Covert Dock is the bigger brother with more accessories possibilities and 30W power output.

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4K Display Port AV Output

Stream any game, movie, or slides to the big screen.

Television · Projectors · Monitors · Theater
USB-A 3.1 Accessories

Quickly charges and casts all of your latest devices.

Switch · Steam Deck · MacBook · iPad · Smart Phones

How to use

How to use

Connect Switch & Covert Dock Mini with our USB Type C cable

Plug Dock Mini into a power outlet

Connect an HDMI cable to a TV or any monitor

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  • For more than just the Nintendo Switch

    My main use for the Covert Dock Mini was a quick and easy way to start Samsung Dex on My Samsung Galaxy S20+. The dock delivered! Quick to setup and easy to use plus fast charges my phone too. I can be up and running in Samsung Dex in about 15 seconds from the moment of pulling the Covert Dock out of my drawer. Give me another 5 seconds and I'm playing a video game on the big screen from my phone!

    Adam O.
  • Great Travel Dock

    It's super small and doesn't take up much space! I haven't had any problems with the charging on my switch yet and it also works with samsung DeX on my phone! I feel like latency can be difficult to get right and I was skeptical at first, but after messing with the covert mini I found that the latency is extremely good! It feels no different than a regular dock and flatscreen setup. (haven't tried CRT yet but I'll get there!) Overall I'm very impressed by the tech squeezed into this thing and I would recommend it to anyone needing a 2nd dock!

    Alex S.