Does it support voice chat with online games such as fortnite?
We actually sneaked in a secret voice chat mode in Genki, so you can talk to your friends if your headphones supports mic, but with a down side. Simply hold the two buttons down for roughly 3 seconds while wearing your headphones. Now you can talk to other people in the game, but the audio quality will drop alittle bit like you are talking on the phone using your bluetooth headphones.


Does this work with my [INSERT YOUR OWN] headphones?
As long as it’s a Bluetooth audio device it should be fine. The simplest test is if it works in your phone it will work with Genki. It should be noted there are some wireless headphones that are not Bluetooth.


Will Genki Audio brick my switch?
Short answer, no. The long answer is that Genki does not provide any data or power (in fact, it has no battery) to even possibly damage the console. There has been some cases of bricked consoles (Switches that no longer work) using third party docks. The root causes has been confirmed to be faulty resistors found in USB-A to USB-C power cables.


Does Genki Works with the Nintendo switch dock?
With the Genki dock adapter you can simply plug Genki into any of the three USB ports of the official Nintendo Switch dock.


Can I refund the product?
We are sorry, unfortunately we cannot refund, but please tell us more about why you are unsatisfied with our product, and we will try our best to see what we can do.


I've got a faulty Genki, can I have a replacement?
Customers may return any faulty items purchased from genkithings.com within 30 days after the date of purchased. If you think you have received a faulty product, please contact us at genki@humanthings.co to explain the issue you have encountered, our customer service will be happy to help you answer your questions and it will help us to know how we could improve our products.


Information to help us understand the issue of the product:
. Image or short video of whats wrong about the product.
. The bluetooth headphones you are currently using.
. Image of the proof of purchase.