Our Story

It all started with a simple idea like most stories do.

Let's reinvent the tie clip. They're pretty useful accessories.
But they really only go well in formal occasions.  And modern ties are too slim for these old clips.


And after a few drinks in East Village we got to thinking...
"A moustache and a tie clip... for slim ties?"  What a marvelous idea we thought to ourselves.
And so thus begun our prototyping, and we had our share of critics - but we pushed on.


This is the moment of truth, can we pull this off?
We weren't confident, but we had fun. We met the Kickstarter crew in LES and we gave it a spin.
A month later, we were ecstatic to reach our funding, and through humble beginnings we created a new tie clip movement.


"Stay hungry and stay foolish."
Since then, there have been others who try to be stylish rather than stuffy, but we're confident you'll find ours to be the most delightful.
We're always pushing the status quo, experimenting with new ideas, and we hope you'll enjoy them as much as we have in making them.


Tsaiclip since 2011


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