We are trailblazers in gaming innovation

Whether you’re on an adventure, commuting, or sharing new memories with friends. We thrive in crafting innovative concepts that combine thoughtful design and engineering to elevate play experiences.

  • Backed by crowdfunding

  • We launched the world’s first USB-C Bluetooth audio adapter for the Nintendo Switch as our first project on Kickstarter in June 2018 and were humbled by the success. We’ve had over 60k backers across 90 countries who have helped us raised more than $5M+ in crowdfunding to bring our our products to life.

  • Our design philosophy

  • We love tinkering. Over lunch we can’t stop talking about new ideas that it makes it ever so hard to go back and progress on existing projects. The process it takes from brainstorming, to sketching out concepts, to assembling prototypes is a blast. We’re constantly challenging ourselves with different perspectives, prioritizing from the lens of a consumer (which is easy cause we’re gamers!) but also from a business, design, and engineering perspective. We want to create versatile products that allows you to experience play in new ways.