About Us

tsaiclip produces whimsical and fun tie clips

Our inaugural product aims to stylishly save us from everyday tie related disasters by taking traditionally formal tie clips and giving them a new look in the shape of a moustache - creating a trendy and modern accessory while saluting old school business style.

Who are the people behind this madness?
  • Jennifer comes from the law industry where fashion is conservative and expensive ties are often not guarded by a well placed tie clip
  • Eddie hails from the jet-setter consulting field where he has witnessed hundreds of tie-related disasters at hotel and airport bars/lounges
  • We are both working stiffs who want to share the moustache tie clip with the world (we are currently bouncing around New York City, Los Angeles, Paris, and Singapore)
And who believed in all this madness?!

  • A big, big THANK YOU goes out to our early supporters in the Kickstarter community who helped make this possible.  Thank you for believing in us and sharing your enthusiasm for the moustache tie clip.  Much love and thanks to the original supporters of the moustache tie clip:  Aine. Alex Kong. Alice Wong. Allen Tullos. Andrew Warner. Andy Ley. Angel Rosa. Angelia Pitman. Brad Doline. Brian Dalton. Brian Lee.  Chad Nelson.  Cameron Ryan. Chipper Lowell. Chris. Christopher Berre. Christopher Kelley. Christopher Tang. Colleen Deng. Cory Brown. Dan. Daniel Papworth. David. Eddie Huang. Eileen. Elena Wu. Eli Curt. Eric Damon Walters. Faamaoni. Gordon Tang. Gregg Starr. Gwenaël Doux. Hans Kristian Larsen. Harvey Floyd. Hetchkay. James Pond. Jared Marcell. Jason Marcell. Jeannie Whited. Jeroen Berkenbosch. Jerome Manuel. Joan. John Jesse Houlihan. Jon Stillwell. Joshua Banta. Kantis Väisänen. Kay Rhodes. Kevin Harper. Kurt Arisohn. Lenny. Loupgarou. Marcel Fullerton. Mary Enlow. Matt Lambie. Meaghan Wilbur. Mememolly. Michael Paas. Mike Lawson. Oxoboxo. Patrick Creig. Patrick Short. Paul O'Boyle. Phil Hennessey. Randy. Randy DeSmyter. Ryan Lee Waldron. Sal Giglio. Shaun Reader. Stuart. Suzo. Tamok. Tareq Saade. Teresa Poch. The PeepShow Cabaret. Theonlygolux. Thoma Daneau. Thomas. Tim Parker-Smith. TJ Wasik. Tony. Uyenlan Vu. Vivian. Walter Brauer. Waxexistential. Will K.
 Who'da thunk it?
  • Although the moustache tie clip concept was conceived by Jennifer, who was inspired by the recent movement in moustache themed events and products in and around New York, the name tsaiclip is actually paying homage to the times when people fumbled Eddie's last name (pronounced cài, not tie)
  • Our online store was inaugurated in June 2011 with great help from Shopify, and we sincerely hope that you add our tie clip to your fashion arsenal
For people who wear neckties, a tsaiclip is an understated necessity.