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Covert Dock

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A tactical stealth dock for the Nintendo Switch™ hidden inside a compact Gallium Nitride supercharger. We're setting the dock free, so that any television is your playground.

PLEASE NOTE: Covert Dock will ship on July 31st. Should you have other items in your cart, they will not ship until Covert Dock is available. Please place a separate order should you want your items delivered before July 31st.

A portable console deserves a portable dock.

We developed Covert Dock to play on any screen, anytime, anywhere.

All-in-one design replaces both the original dock and charger.

10X smaller than the original dock

GaNFast™ is the new Silicon

By replacing Silicon with cutting-edge Gallium Nitride technology from Navitas we’re able to provide 3x higher power density in a compact form factor.

Charges all the latest stuff

Our USB Type-C port adheres to Nintendo Switch’s energy standards and Power Delivery (PD) 3.0

One plug does everything you need.

Pack light with this versatile everyday carry that charges, connects, and streams

USB Type-C PD 3.0

Quickly charges all of your latest devices. Switch + Macbook + iPad Pro + iPhones + Android

USB-A 3.1 Accessories

Link accessories to your console or laptop.
Genki Audio + Controllers + Ethernet + USB Drive

HDMI Display Port AV Output

Stream any game, movie, or slides to the big screen. Television + Projectors + Monitors + Theater

Connect your favorite accessories

The USB port not only charges but also serves as an extra data port so you can hook up all sorts of devices

Genki Audio
Hard Drive

We got you covered.

Foldable prongs with global adapters lets you roam 150+ countries. Supports 100-240V so you can safely use it everywhere.

Engineered for reliability, globally certified

Worried about bricking? Read why our dock is different here.

Covert Dock is both PD compliant and made with a quality power management chip to make sure that all your devices are safe, files included.


Product Overview

One USB-A Port

One HDMI Port

One USB-C 3.0 Port

Foldable Prongs


2.36” x 1.73” x 1.3” / 60mm x 44mm x 33mm

Weight: 3.5oz / 100 g

Power Output: 30W 5V / 9V / 15V

Output Resolution: 1080p 60hz

Hardware Connectivity: USB 3.1, HDMI 1.4

Battery: Gallium Nitride Chip

Package Contents

Covert Dock

USB-C Cable (1.8m)

Global Travel Adapters


1 Year



More questions? We’ve got them covered.

Q: Can I use the Covert Dock as just a Nintendo Switch charger and play in handheld mode?

A: Yes, the Covert Dock acts like a normal fast charger when it doesn’t detect a TV connected to the HDMI port. So you can continue to play in handheld mode charged.

Q: Will this brick my Switch?

A: Not any more than the original dock and charger (and yes, this has happened). Read our blog post for additional details on why bricking happens and why our dock is different. We’ll be posting more tests over time.

Q: Will this work in my country?

A: We designed the Covert Dock to be international, first and foremost with global certs and 100-240V supporting 50Hz and 60Hz. Our global ops kit is the best solution supporting 150+ countries and more compact than the mechanism found in popular Apple chargers.

Covert Dock

$74.99 USD
$74.99 USD